Call Of Duty series made her of glory many in our generation, shifting from the game of the perspective of the first non-privileged, to the leader of this huge fleet. Is the long story i should not re-story now, but today is the date for another meeting was born in this series, and is a game MW3. Nearly a week ago you in the city of London British to attend a special event and is closed from organizing, he happened to review the game of the MW3 I’ve not like him in my life.

We inhabit in hotel for two days in the camp of wild game in full, in my room i have an Xbox 360 with individual stage full of the game, and in another room there is full facilities to experience the collective stage and cooperative with the media men who came from all over Europe. More than a week of silence, committed byactivationthat I am not talking about the game until this date, and now I will recount you the details of full experience.

This is the first thing to do in any new game, and is the experience of individual stage. Until we from the beginning, is the call of duty as routine individual stage very similar to the second part of the MW. It has become everything familiar, same usual confrontations in the city streets, the same way of progress with comrades, the same way ensnaring of. Perhaps what activation to enrich the experience is not a change to the play or control system, but the change in the content and the interaction of the individual stage. There you will find many exciting attitudes, one of the stages in the London Underground will make your hair stands of enthusiasm. There are a lot of buildings, colliding vehicles and loud explosions. Even you as a player, you will transfer many in the perspective of play, sometimes will be on the back of the vehicle, sometimes on board the aircraft and at other times under the sea. You can traffic on individual stage fully in 5.6 hours, but it is full of enthusiasm and will not feel bored, though similar to the former part to a large extent. On the one hand the story I find this part a major step backward after reaching the level of presentation featured in the game of Black Ops, that decision-making part excitement and suspense unprecedented in the series. Also I do not know why no add in the control system to hide behind barriers as is the solution in kill zone, at least individual infects man.

When you try the call of duty in the hotel room, activation provided a briefing system integrated voice, and LCD screen from the best, and experience in general cinematic was fantastically, there is considerable effort was put behind this game to show this value significant productivity gains. This is not surprising on the game and draft brings millions annually on activation, and perhaps this is the reason behind the disappearance of risk on the part of the company continuously. Call Of Duty seem very familiar, they maintain again on the foundations of the series and what its decision-making. Cannot complain often here, I will said that the test was not enjoyable and impressive, whether in the home or on the network. But there is more to do and there is no space for development and innovation , the absence of real cooperative and the absence of any developments in the system play might not satisfy everyone always. But in the end for those looking for the collective experience and quick, there is the home of the best of the call of duty on the network.

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