Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate


The events of the Assassin’s Creed Syndicate in London in 1868 any in the Victorian era during the industrial revolution, the time the shined in many minds such as Alexander Graham Bell and Charles Darwin where they used payment of humanity toward Imam, but he was also time, eating the weak powers have proliferated slavery and trafficking of children their empire, and all these things are contrary to what he believes in the twins Jacob Frye and Frye famously friendly liberalization of London from the control of the wicked Templar in addition to save the pieces of Eden of Abstergo.

The story remind us of the previous gamesAC main goal is the same but the Syndicate was liberated from the previous restrictions to offer us the elements of the story of the distinct from the other parts and give way to play a new flavor .despite the humiliation of the sequence of events in London not smooth and find weak interdependence where I noted that i want to know more of the story of Rebecca and Shaun contrary to the story of the Jacob and Evie.

This does not mean that the figures are not effective, frankly all figures of the corresponding in the game played an important role, the beginning of the Jacob headlong into the smart Evie exotic وBell. Every character has a unique qualities have been written in an excellent addition to the performance of the great voice in order to have an exceptional product.

 Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

As for the Arabization The Ubisoft an excellent job of voice representation and write to make them similar to the original game. They made the Arab language appears to be the language of the population of London which is not an easy task, but there was some mistakes which I could not be ignored, especially in the masculine and feminine, was supposed to check the quality of translation to make sure of the failure of the arrival of these errors to the last product.

Perhaps more than what I loved in the game is London, stunning environment in all its buildings and vehicles, the colors, all these things to make you feel right in the heart of London in 1868, filmed the city in a good and all famous sights find in the game, climb Big Ben and then look at all around you your generates an undescribable feeling, and I liked the existing music in the Syndicate also where the pick-up melodies violin while you are roaming through the city with a change in the speed of music according to events.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

While you are roaming in London you will find in every corner something useful as centerpiece is a riddle or secondary mission or collectively, and all these things to help you in your task, the major tasks in the game fun and feature mechanicals infiltration of new fighting, the mode of task not specific where you can do in several ways, and that the transition between Jacob and Evie adds more excitement where you can choose the estimated owned by one of the ambitions of the twins Jacob forces of either Evie it best to infiltrate. Side tasks also attractive and require you to mix between the infiltration and strength, but because of the size of the big city you will find a repeat of some of the side tasks.

When the end of the main tasks of the side and center vents in the area, it turns from red color to the White House on the map, which means that the Templars no longer control this part of London -Assassin’s Creed Syndicate .

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