What makes the ASSASSINS CREED ROGUE distinct from any other part of the route of the extended series of seven full years is a different story and events player for the first time from a different view, after 5 key parts of taking the player of the role of the member of the Assassins comes ” shai Patrick Cormac” new hero who sold the creed and ideas that have always been the security and joined the knights of the temple in the hope of revenge against his former partners, although we are all aware of those details even before the game experience, but the first three hours following the same approach of the previous parts, where the player appears in the role of the member of the range of killers, while events are developing gradually before reveals “shai” its motives that will force him to betray his faith and join the other party.

From the outset, you will notice that the “shai” is not brutal murderer who embodied the propaganda presentations of the game, but you will find lovable person has special methods, appear in his eyes the features of the insurgency, at the same time, it seemed to know that the future hides a lot of problems, briefly, “shai” forced from the beginning to feel concerned and expectation as if he is waiting for a radical change in his life, which is about to happen.

In spite of that history has always been a key element in all games room ASSASSINS CREED ROGUE both in the period or events or key figures quoted from the fact or even enemies who committed inordinacy mischief in the land for hundreds of years, but the Rogue do not heed the advantages as much interest in the idea of writing of history and drafted again.

The tasks of contemporary times in the game is similar to a large extent with its counterpart in the ASSASSINS CREED ROGUE of Black Flag where it takes the player of the role of the trainee at company industries and the collection of the tasks from the perspective of the first person, and soon find the same user found rich documents reviewed by a group of enemies who appeared in previous versions, but in a way that forced the user sympathy with them, even if you’re one of the series lovers and you experience all previous versions and believes in all the events that I had was ok, but the Rogue at the threshold of the overthrow all what is safer in the past dramatic way engaging, and about to convince the player with new ideas, and increase the excitement and the mystery surrounding the series of Assassin’s Creed through re-addressed the main seminars on the viewpoint of the different instead of convince us that “shai” personality Is Beatable Overthrows Each of trying to approach .

The style of play in Rogue similar frequently with the many versions of the previous series, but in terms of the story of the ambition and the way in which it appears the novel hero, make you feel as something quite different from what I saw in the past and may be a key reason for change in the way in which the players of the events of the series.

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